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Laser interferometer

Detection range: line measurement, Angle measurement, plane measurement, perpendicularity measurement, straightness measurement, flatness measurement and other aspects, in the measurement of CNC machine tool position accuracy is the most widely used.

Three coordinate measuring instrument

CMM is a kind of instrument which has a detector that can move in three directions, and can move on three perpendicular guide rails, and the displacement measurement system of three axes can calculate the coordinates of each point (X, Y, Z) of the workpiece and measure each function by data processor or computer.

Detection range: dimensional accuracy measurement, positioning accuracy measurement, geometric accuracy measurement and contour accuracy measurement, etc.


The TESA altimeter is a precision instrument placed on the platform for one-dimensional measurement. The measurement accuracy can be better ensured when it is carried out on the granite marble platform (grade 00). It is very useful for some demanding workpiece detection.

Detection range: parts inside size, outside ruler, height, depth step, other distance size.

Brinell hardness tester

Is mainly used for cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and the degree of hardness measurement of the soft material such as alloy, brinell hardness test is one of the largest dimple all hardness testing method, it can reflect the comprehensive performance of materials, from the sample organization microsegregation and composition is not uniform, so it is a kind of hardness test method with higher accuracy.

Richter hardness tester

Is a kind of test equipment, its basic principle is to have a certain mass of impact body in a certain test force impact sample surface, measured impact body distance sample surface 1mm impact speed and jump speed, the use of electromagnetic principle, induction and speed is proportional to the voltage.

Mar micrometer

It is commonly used in the workshop and measuring room to measure the outer diameter and thickness of the workpiece, with high precision.

Steel wire microscope

Steel wire microscope is a kind of precision optical mechanical reading instrument, which is necessary in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of various large machine tools.

Since the collimator

It is often used to measure the straightness of the guide rail (forward and lateral), flatness of the plate, etc., and is mostly used in machine tools, molds and other industries that require high precision.

Measuring tool

Marble square: used for high-precision mechanical and instrument inspection and inspection of non-perpendicularity between machine tools, used to check the non-perpendicularity between various internal parts of machine tools.

Marble square: used for the inspection of right angles, the main inspection of high precision machinery and instruments and machine tools between the degree of non-vertical.

Marble ruler: as a datum for the inspection of instruments, precision tools and mechanical workpieces, especially for high-precision measurement.

Marble platform: Used for industrial production and laboratory measurement work. Uniform texture, good stability, high strength, high hardness, can maintain high precision under heavy load.

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