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Prosperity! MAKA won the title of

author: time:2022-10-07 10:57:11click:1767

Information summary:

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the "2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and Demonstration Enterprise evaluation results", Shenyang Marka Zhigong Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage enterprise" title.

Refers to the national intellectual property advantage enterprises belong to the state and this municipality focus on the development of industries, can undertake major state and this municipality, key industry development projects, has the capability of independent intellectual property rights, actively carry out intellectual property protection and utilization, establish comprehensive intellectual property management system and mechanism, has the comprehensive strength of intellectual property rights of enterprises.

Shenyang Marka Zhigong Technology Co., LTD always adheres to independent innovation and independent intellectual property cultivation, and regards intellectual property rights as an important support for business development. After years of technical precipitation, MAKA's intellectual property quantity has been steadily improved, and the patent quality has made a great breakthrough. Up to now, Shenyang Marka Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., a total of 51 intellectual property rights, including 14 invention patents.

This award of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" is the recognition of MAKA's technological innovation ability and intellectual property management by the State Intellectual Property Office. It will further promote the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy of MAKA, strengthen the efficient management of intellectual property, realize the "intellectual property strong enterprise", and continuously empower the development of MAKA.

MAKA will take the opportunity of being selected as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise to continuously improve the intellectual property work system, further improve the company's independent innovation level, enhance the core competitiveness of key technology fields, and make a contribution to accelerate the construction of intellectual property power.

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