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MAKA CAI Yunlong won the title of

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Information summary:

CAI Yunlong, a general assembly process engineer at Shenyang Marka Technology Co., Ltd. is one of 100 people named 2022 Shenyang Youth Post Experts in a public document issued by the Shenyang Committee of the Communist Youth League. CAI Yunlong fully shows the professional spirit, craftsman spirit and struggle spirit of MAKA youth, and shows the spirit of young people in the new era of ideal, dare to take responsibility, can bear hardships and willing to struggle. He is a role model for the majority of MAKA youth to grow up and make achievements.

Young station expert to young worker as the main body, the purpose is to guide the broad masses of young worker to carry forward the arduous struggle and the spirit of loving, the foothold official duty post, improve their professional skills, first-class achievements, strive to become a cross-century skilled workers and qualified personnel, and promote the development of enterprises to rely on scientific and technological progress and improve the worker quality the track. It is one of the key tasks of the enterprise organization to help improve the quality of young workers and revitalize the product quality. It is also an effective way for the Communist Youth League to participate in the enterprise management and form incentives and constraints for young employees in the enterprise.

CAI Yunlong, born in October 1988, is currently a general assembly process engineer in Shenyang Marka Smart Technology Co., LTD. He has more than ten years of CNC machine tool assembly and debugging mature experience, skilled, led the company's assembly workshop each team has participated in the completion of a number of key product project technical breakthroughs, so that the company's five-axis linkage CNC machining center has become a "special, special and new" product in Liaoning Province. He is never satisfied with the status quo, on the process operation excellence, bold to technological innovation, constantly lead the assembly technology team to climb higher areas, by introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology to realize the technology innovation, production assembly process and quality management system more perfect, not only improve the production efficiency, reduces the energy consumption, more won the recognition of the clients. In 2021, CAI Yunlong won the "Shengjing Cup" Shenyang Industrial Design Competition Intelligent equipment design competition product design excellence award.

"Love the company, love the job, grow with the company." This is what his colleagues say about CAI Yunlong. Because he is extremely loyal to the company, he never compares personal gains and losses in his work, and always considers the overall situation. He always believes that only in the surging flood of the company, a drop of water can reveal its due value. As a technical backbone of the company, he was entrusted with important tasks by the company with his outstanding work performance, exquisite skills and rigorous work attitude. In December 2021, he was appointed as the manager of quality Inspection Department, which has become a powerful barrier for the quality management of the company!

"Forge ahead in the new era, youth as the pioneer", we should take the example as the guide, hold the boat of struggle, high practical sail, and strive to become the industry backbone, youth pioneer.

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